Hotel Weiss - A holiday with a healthy focus in Partschins near Meran in South Tyrol

We all want to remain fit and active well into old age! Maybe not everyone here on holiday will be celebrating his or her hundredth birthday. But a healthy, active holiday at Hotel Weiss could be a first step towards banishing everyday stress.

Eat well, take exercise, eliminate stress: that’s our recipe for keeping fit and healthy.

It is not always possible to stick to these rules. And reaching old age in good shape also involves a certain amount of luck. But as a saying goes: “We are all masters of our own destiny.”

At Hotel Weiss we offer you a holiday focused on health, starting with some basic principles. So, our team in the kitchen take great care preparing your food, using natural, healthy ingredients. To accompany our dishes we offer some excellent wines, which also promote well-being when drunk in moderation.

There is certainly no shortage of opportunities for taking exercise. The sunshine and beautiful landscape are enough to tempt you to go on wonderful excursions and take part in outdoor activities. And our big outdoor pool provides a safe and healthy way to exercise the joints.

If the mountain air and holiday atmosphere are not enough to banish every trace of stress, we recommend the use of our small but excellent wellness oasis. A relaxing sauna and an expert massage can really work miracles.

New for 2018: Alpine bath in the forest. What does it involve? From 2018 onward, the Partschins tourist association is offering weekly sessions of this activity, which helps to sharpen the senses and improve concentration. This method focuses on the “wellness of the forest” to increase our mindfulness towards both nature and ourselves. It originated in Japan and is now enjoying widespread popularity.