Tips for your holiday in and around Meran

Travelling involves looking and learning Here are some of the sights and attractions you should definitely visit during your holiday in Partschins. Discover the beauty of South Tyrol!

Partschins, Meran and South Tyrol are full of splendid natural sights, as well as many impressive churches and monuments. We have prepared a list of not-to-be-missed sights and activities!

One of the most famous natural wonders in our local area is the Partschins waterfall: always a special highlight for our guests. To see the great mass of water in the lower fall plummeting down from a rock wall over 100 metres high is a truly amazing spectacle. The sunlight penetrates the drops of water suspended in the air and is then reflected outwards, causing the waterfall to shine with all the colours of the rainbow. The waterfall can be easily reached by bus during the summer and is an excellent starting point for many wonderful family walks.

Meran is easy to reach by bus or car, and here you can visit the gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff, which lie on the sunny side of the valley. This unique, world-famous botanical garden exhibits numerous varieties of vegetation in a relatively small area. Visitors are always entranced by the many different themed gardens and the splendid lookout points.

The spa town of Meran lies only a few kilometres from Partschins and is absolutely steeped in history. With its pleasant climate and mild winters, this “town on the River Passer” is popular with those in search of well-being and relaxation. In addition to its many fine historic villas, Meran also offers a wide variety of shops and boutiques, and also features the splendid “Kurhaus” with its impressive concert hall. Bars and restaurants of every type also reflect the Mediterranean outlook of the town in terms of its cuisine. From spring until late autumn, it is delightful to sit on an outdoor terrace and watch the busy comings and goings in the town’s streets and squares. You will find you are soon caught up in Meran’s charming atmosphere!

Another highlight of the town are the thermal baths in Meran, sitting right on the bank of the River Passer. This spa complex attracts thousands of visitors every year and is one of the most famous in Italy. The facilities include saunas, various indoor and outdoor pools and extensive grounds. It really is worth visiting at least once!

Another interesting local attraction is Schnals Archeoparc, about 20 minutes’ drive from our hotel, but also reachable by bus. This open-air museum in the beautiful village of Unser Frau in Schnals was established not far from the place where Ötzi - the ice-man - drew his last breath. It depicts everyday life during the Stone Age in a very realistic way that even children can understand.

Are you interested in cultural sights? In Schluderns, about an hour by train from Rabland, you can visit the majestic Churburg Castle, perched high on a hill and dominating the whole valley. The Castle is one of the best preserved fortifications in all of South Tyrol, and houses a nationally famous collection of armour. Churburg Castle is open to the public from March to October and can be visited as a guided tour. It conjures up a fairy-tale world of knights and maidens.